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Forum Rules

Version 2.0 of 08/09/2010


The Forum “Trieste” is born to talk about our city, make it known, learn more about it and is open to everybody, Trieste and non-residents, immigrants, and those who live far away but keep the town in their heart.

The management of the Forum is based on the activity of a group of people working on a voluntary basis. Suggestions and proposals made in a spirit of cooperation will always be welcome, whether they refer to features of the Forum that this regulation.


These Rules use some words giving them a specific meaning.

The term subscriber means a person identified by a mailbox, a nick name (public identifier) and a password (keyword secret known only to the subscriber.

The term moderator means a subscriber who has administrator rights, can access at any time for any post, modify, block, delete, move it. The decisions of a moderator can be audited by the group of all moderators which, if necessary, act by a majority. Moderators can, on request or need for security , change the passwords of other users. They are unable, however, to connect to the Forum using the identity of another subscriber, unless he/she has deliberately chosen to provide his/her password and ask for cooperation.

The term netiquette means the set of rules to be followed by the user in relation to other users and resources. For a more detailed definition see

Flame The term means a deliberately hostile and provocative message, often published to cause resentful reactions by others.

Post The term means an intervention sent to the forum for the publication.

The term topic is a group of posts that treat common issues. The sequence of the posts of a topic is sometimes called thread.

Off topic The term, often summarized by the acronym OT means a message whose content does not respect the topic title.

Forum The term means a virtual container for topics that treat common issues. When written with the first letter capitalized Forum , the term indicates the entire container accessible at

The term section means a group of forums characterized by common contents or access permissions.

The term phpBB refers to the phpBB software written to create communities and released under General Public License (hereinafter called “GPL”) and can be downloaded from For further information about phpBB, please see

The term Cookies are small slices of information that phpBB can store on your computer to help to identify you on follwing visits or, simply, as it passes from page to page.


bligations enrollment

Subscribe to (hereinafter “we”, “our”, “Trieste,” Trieste “), you agree to be legally bound by the following conditions use. If you do not agree to be legally bound by the terms of use following the user is encouraged not to use the services offered by “in Trieste. Conditions of Use may change at any time, we will notify you of these changes, although it is advisable to check these pages frequently for any changes, since the continued use of services “in Trieste” implies the complete acceptance of these conditions.

Registration for the Forum includes the automatic acceptance of its rules. The rules on intellectual property are extended, however, anyone wishing to use the contents of the forum, though not writing .

Rules for good relations

Good manners, even in its form of netiquette should be sufficient to ensure a peaceful and smooth operation, but it is better to specify the following rules:

Are unacceptable and therefore prohibited messages that contain:

  • Insults, vulgarity and insults directed at both individuals, and non-users, both racial groups, linguistic, political or other
  • In general, all messages that violate or incite to violate the laws
  • Apologies to totalitarian regimes
  • Expressions and statements written in order to create flame wars between people
  • Promoting economic messages pornography, hacking, unsolicited emails (these messages will be removed immediately, and the entry of postanti)

If a moderator finds that a post violates these standards, is authorized to remove the message and move it to a reserved area (quarantine). The mod team will then decide whether to restore the message, delete or modify. The group also will decide if it happens to take measures towards the user wrote the post. Of such initiatives normally private information will be given to author and publish.

In case of violation of specific legal rules we reserve the right to make complaints to competent authorities.

Has not accepted the so-called crossposting, or insert the same message in different forum sections: moderators retain possibly one of the posts, under the most appropriate and erase the other, without notice. Crossposting repeated may result in termination of your membership.

Moderators reserve the right to move messages deemed OT in the more convenient forum, with a view to facilitate the retrieval of messages and information. Such assistance may, if they deem it appropriate, the authors warn. This notice is not, however, required.

Privacy : The utenti undertake not to disclose data such as phone numbers, email addresses, photos, other people without obtaining their consent.

If you violate the above rules, the moderators reserve the right to apply progressively and their sole discretion, the following sanctions:

  1. Private Admonition (advice to change behavior)
  2. Public Reprimand
  3. Suspension for one day (as we look back)
  4. Stay for a week
  5. Expulsion from the forums

Moderators are not obliged to follow the entire die for interim and, in particular, faced with particularly abusive behavior may decide to immediate expulsion from the forum.

It is possible, in case of sanctions, to “appeal” by contacting the moderators with private messages or explanation in the forum section.

We encourage you to notify administrator and moderators via private message to possible breaches of rules.

We invite more users to not react to provocations, not to flame food and not to use the forum to exchange views private.

After it was sent, a post / / remains editable by the author for a few minutes / /, the time to detect a material error and correct it. / / There is no requirement for the user moderator can delete or edit their own posts / /: before sending a message is recommended to always use the Preview function . (This limitation is, for example, to prevent the user to make a post, the user B refers to it and then the user to change the original post would render meaningless the reference and generating, consequently misunderstood discontent)

Typing errors can be corrected automatically by the moderators, you can ask them to change the formal aspects of the message. Substantial changes should contact the moderators.

We reserve the right to inform the conduct does not comply with our rules your access provider and / or competent legal authorities. The IP address of any user is logged to help and enforce these conditions.

Standards for entry

Each entry must be an individual, not multiple entries are allowed although resting on several mailboxes: if discovered will be immediately deleted.

Cancelling a registered user

A user can be deleted or decision of the moderators or upon request.

Usually the interventions of a user requesting the cancellation or is deleted remain on the forum with the original nickname. The nickname of a user who has requested deletion returns available to anyone who wishes to apply: that the authors are different however, is evidenced by the graphics used for recording data of the authors of posts.

Intellectual Property


Materials Forum (texts and pictures) is posted by users who are owners and managers, it is licensed / / Creative Commons / / with the attributes of / / “Attribution”, “Noncommercial” and “Share Alike” / /. Accepted works will further limit the “No Derivative Works” where clarification is made by the user to each publication. (For details see

Apart from the necessary bureaucratic language that means that / / “You can copy the material of the forum provided by the source name and the license which the material is distributed” / / (with the attributes of Creative Commons “Attribution” “Noncommercial” and “Share Alike”).

===== ===== Forum Terms of Service

The moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible. It is impossible to review every message. Accordingly, readers should be aware that the Forum / / all messages it contains express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster / / (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be prosecuted.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies do not contain any personal information, serve only to improve the use of the Forum.

The only personal information required to be issued at registration is the e-mail address is used only to confirm the details of registration and password, to send the password for loss and send essential communications. Some of these items are automated and controlled in the user profile.


“Trieste” powered by phpBB. It 's a very common software for the management of these forums. It 'was chosen because it seems a reasonably reliable.

The Forum is stored in an external service provider takes care of all aspects of connectivity.


The phpBB software only facilitates internet based discussions, the phpBB Group are not responsible for the content and management.

The moderating team Forum “Trieste” undertakes to remove any illegal action that will be reported as soon as detected or at least reporting. The responsibility of assistance and the violation remains of subscribers.

The user is informed that personal data that has decided to include are stored in a database. Were introduced measures to restrict access to such data only to authorized users. You must, however, know that the Internet is essentially an open space and that violations are possible security measures are preparing. You agree that responsibility for breaches of these measures can not be attributed to the moderating team.

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