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Italiano: This page will be the reference in case of disputes


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Introduction and aims of the Forum

The Forum “A Trieste” was born to talk about our city, make it to be known, learn more about it. The Forum is open to all, residents and non-residents, immigrants, and those who live far away but keep Trieste close to their hearts.

The running of the Forum is the responsibility of a group of people who are supervising the activities on a voluntary basis and take care of the maintenance. Suggestions and proposals made with a spirit of cooperation will always be welcome, whether they refer to features of the Forum or to these Rules.


These Rules will use words with the meaning we specify below.

The term subscriber or user is a person identified by an email address, a nick name (nickname public identifier) and a password (secret keyword known only to you).

The term moderator means a registered user who has administrator rights and can access at any time any given post, modify it, block it, delete it and move it. The decisions of a moderator is usually audited by the entire group of moderators which, if necessary, act by a majority. Moderators may request, for reasons of security, the change of passwords of other users. They are unable, however, to connect to the Forum using the identity of another user, unless he deliberately chose to provide his password and ask for help.

The term netiquette refers to a set of rules to be followed by the user in relation to other users and resources. For a more detailed definition please refer to

The term flame means a post deliberately provocative and hostile, often intended to cause reactions by others.

The term post indicates a message sent to the forum for publication.

The term topic means a group of posts characterized by a common theme. The sequence of posts in a topic is sometimes called thread.

The term off topic, often summarized by the acronym OT, is a message whose content is beyond the point in discussion.

The term forum refers to a virtual container for topics related by the fact that they deal with issues in common. That same term, however, with the first letter capitalized, Forum, also indicates the entire container at

The term section is a group of forums characterized by a degree of uniformity on content or access permissions.

The term phpBB refers to the software to create communities and released under the “General Public License” (hereinafter “GPL”) and freely downloadable. For further information about phpBB, please visit .

Cookies are small information that phpBB can store on your computer and help identify you on subsequent visits or, simply, when you navigate from page to page. The forum takes no profiling of users and the cookies are the so-called technical ones. In this page, which does not use cookies, you can list those opened by the forum and erase them if you are concerned about your privacy. The page is in Italian.

The term provider refers to an Internet service provider (ISP), which offers users, upon stipulation of a supply contract, services relating to the Internet such as access to the World Wide Web, electronic mail and data storage at its facilities.

Enrolment requirements

When you subscribe to (hereinafter “we”, “our”,“ aTrieste”), you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by the terms of use, you are encouraged not to use the services offered by “a Trieste”.

Conditions of Use may change at any time, we will notify you of these changes, although it is advisable to check these pages frequently for any changes, since the continued use of services “a Trieste” implies the complete acceptance of these conditions.

Registration for the Forum includes the automatic acceptance of its rules. The intellectual property rules are extended, however, to anyone wishing to use the contents of the forum, though not registered.

Rules for good teamwork

Good manners, even in the form of netiquette, should be sufficient to ensure a peaceful and smooth coexistence, but it is better to specify the following rules:

Are unacceptable and therefore prohibited messages that contain:

  • abuses, profanity and insults directed at both individuals and racial, linguistic, political or other groups.
  • all messages that violate or incite to violate the laws
  • apologies of totalitarian regimes
  • expressions and statements written in order to create flame wars between users
  • commercial promotions, pornographic messages, hacking, unsolicited email (the latter messages are removed immediately, and so the inscription of posters)

If a moderator finds that a post violates these standards, is authorized to remove the message and move it to a reserved area (quarantine). The mod team will then decide whether to restore the message, delete or modify. The group also will decide if further measures will be taken towards the author of the post. Usually, the author will be notified privately and/or publicly of the measures taken.

In case of violation of specific legal rules we reserve the right to make complaints to competent authorities.

We don’t accept the so-called cross-posting, or insert the same message in different Forum sections: moderators will retain one of the posts and erase the other(s), without notice. Repeated cross-posting may result in termination of your membership.

Moderators reserve the right to move messages deemed OT in a more convenient forum, to facilitate the retrieval of messages and information. Authors may be informed of such an action. This notice is not, however, compulsory.

Privacy: Users agree not to disclose data such as phone numbers, email addresses photos of others without obtaining their consent.

If users violate the above rules, the moderators reserve to apply, and completely at their discretion, the following sanctions:

  1. Private Warning (advice to change behavior)
  2. Public Reprimand
  3. Suspension for one day
  4. Suspension for a week
  5. Expulsion from the Forum

Moderators are not obliged to follow the entire progression and, in particular, when faced with particularly abusive behaviour may decide the immediate expulsion from the forum.

It is possible, in case of sanctions, to “appeal” by contacting the moderators with private messages or explanation in the forum section called “Proteste, ricorsi, petizioni”.

We encourage you to notify administrator and moderators via private message to possible breaches of rules.

We invite users to not react to provocations, not to feed flames and not to use the Forum to exchange private views.

After it was sent, a post is editable by the author for a few minutes, the time to detect a material error and correct it. After that a user non moderator cannot delete or edit his own messages anymore: this limitation will prevent, for instance, that a so called user A publishes a post, which the user B refers to and, afterward, user A changes or deletes the original post. That would render meaningless the reference and may generate misunderstanding). Before you send a message it is recommended to always use the Preview function to see how it will look once posted.

Typing errors can be corrected automatically by the moderators and you may ask them to change the formal aspects of the message. For substantial changes, you must contact the moderators.

The moderators reserve themselves the right to inform users’ access provider and / or competent legal authorities of behaviour that does not comply with these rules. The IP address of any user is logged to help and enforce these conditions.

Standards for subscribing

Each subscription must be individual, multiple entries are not allowed even if supported by different email addresses: if discovered, these entries will be immediately deleted.

Since each user is responsible for what he writes, registrations from minors are not permitted.

Deleting a subscriber

A user can be deleted by decision of the moderators or upon request.

Usually the posts of a deleted user will remain on the Forum with the original nickname. The nickname of a user who requested the cancellation returns available to anyone who wishes to apply; in that case, different authors with same nicknames will be clearly identified from the different graphics used to record data of the authors of posts.

Intellectual Property of material published

Materials (texts and pictures) are posted to the Forum by users who own them and remain responsible for them, and are licensed under the Creative Commons License attributes “Attribution”, “Noncommercial” and “Share Alike”. Works with the further limit of “No Derivative Works” shall be accepted where clarification is made by the user of each publication. (For more information see ).

In plain English that means that “You can copy and distribute the provided material, but you must cite the source and the license under which the material is published” (Creative Commons License with the attributes of “Attribution”,”Noncommercial“ and “Share Alike”).

As mentioned above, the property of what is published and the responsibility for the information contained in the publications belong to the users. The administration reserves the right to apply a “stamp” to the images that physically reside on the resources of the Forum, just to certify their origin. This “stamp” is not applied to the images that physically reside on other sites.

Please note that the law regulates the publication of photos that depict people. Administrators assume that he who posts photos on the forum knows the law and has complied with it. Any further liability has to be attributed to the publisher of the images. The administrators, if informed of non-compliance, will provide to remove the material in question, even without notifying the author of the publication.

Terms of Service

The moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible. However, it is impossible to review every single message. Consequently, readers of the Forum should be aware that all messages contains and express the views and opinions of the authors and not those of the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except when posted by these people) and hence they will not be responsible.

These Forums use cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies do not contain any personal information and they serve only to improve the use of the Forum.

The only personal information required at registration is the e-mail address to be used solely to confirm the details of registration and password, to send a new password when forgotten, or for essential communications. Some of these items are automated and controlled in the user profile.

Technical Aspects

“aTrieste” is powered by phpBB. It's a very common software for the management of these forums and it was chosen because it seems reasonably reliable.

The Forum is stored in an external service provider that takes care of all aspects of connectivity. Data storage is subject to Italian laws.


The phpBB software only facilitates internet based discussions, the phpBB Group are not responsible for the content and management.

The moderators’ team of the Forum “aTrieste” undertakes to remove any work that is reported as illegal, as soon identified, or informed on. The responsibility of posts and related violation remains on the subscribers.

The user is informed that personal data that he has decided to include are stored in a database. Measures are in place to restrict access to such data only to authorized users. The user must, however, be aware that the internet is essentially an open space and that violations to security measures are possible. You agree that responsibility for breaches of these measures cannot be attributed to the moderators’ team.

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